Why I wear a watch

WELCOME TO MY INAUGURAL POST AS A BLOGGER IN THIS DECADE! Yes, I used to blog — a dozen years ago, when it was considered weird. Then I stopped. Years later I started posting on Facebook (hereafter FB). A few weeks ago I started writing again and decided to blog again. I’m going to be uneven — I may not post for a while and then post in a flurry. Hey! It’s my blog!

So I thought I would start with something I wrote about why I started wearing a watch again after a brief hiatus. 

One day a friend told me that she knew I was of another generation because I wore a watch. Over time I stopped wearing my watch with regularity opting to be like my younger, dare I say “hipper” friends. I would instead rely on my phone. 

But I saw a problems arising.

To my mind it was incredibly rude to look at my phone in the middle of meetings, although everyone else seemed to do it. I certainly knew my clients, often older than me, would dislike it. So I wore my watch when I had clients and didn’t when my calendar showed a “paperwork” day. 

Sometimes while wearing my watch I realized how much I missed wearing it on my left wrist. It was comfortable on my arm. Not to mention, it is a pretty watch; it is jewelry.

Then one recent morning it occurred to me that there was something more important about wearing a watch than separating myself from my younger peers or wearing a lovely piece of arm candy.

My watch actually did more than tell time. It gave me back time.  

When you wear a watch and want to know what time it is, you flick your wrist and look at the watch face. You instantly know what time it is and then go about your business. When I have to look at my phone, I find myself scanning for other things. “Oh I have email,” and then I have to look at the email and reply to them — NOW. I see I have FB messages and then I have to look at FB and see what was said. If I have a game challenge “Jane challenged me on Ruzzle,” or “John asked me for a life on Candy Crush,” next thing you know I’m playing the game. 

Before I know it, at least a half hour has gone by and I’ve accomplished nothing. Multiply this by more than a few times a day and I’ve wasted HOURS of my day.

So that’s why I strapped my watch on the very morning of my revelation. It was a Sunday and all I had to do was some cleaning and some laundry. Both of those chores got done and I read half a book. Outdoors. In the sunshine.

Did I  “play” on my phone? Sure I did. I even wrote this blog post with my nifty S-pen directly onto the phone in long-hand. Smart phones aren’t evil. They just have their place and a job as a watch is not, in my opinion, one of them. 


One thought on “Why I wear a watch

  1. I’m with you! On top of all the time wasters you mentioned, it annoys me to have to grab my purse, pull my phone out, take it out of the case, turn it on, see the time, turn it back off, put it back in its case, put it back in my purse, put my purse away. It’s so much easier to just glance at my pretty bracelet watch. 🙂

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