Did You Miss Me?

I’ve had so many things I wanted to write (and here comes the but) BUT I have been very busy with work, with trying to get my house ready for company, for just my life, plus I’ve been reading a book series that has me neglecting things like sleep. At least that was worth it.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what’s important to me. The impetus for this was about 6 weeks ago when I man I truly care deeply for decided he’d rather just be my friend than my “special friend,” “significant other,” “lover,” “your term for it here” (I have a difficult time using the term BOYFRIEND because let’s face it, we are both over 45 and it just seems like a silly term to use.)

It has been difficult for me especially since we are still very good friends and we talk frequently and see each other as well.

But it has given me some new insight into myself and while I haven’t been writing — they are my innermost thoughts after all — I have been giving them a lot of thought.

First and foremost, I have been giving thought to SELF-CARE. This has been at the top of my “to-do” list for years. My counselor has been figuratively beating that drum for quite a while. I’ve been decent at it now for 2 years but not great at it. Over the last 6 months I’ve been doing things to the best of my ability — in time and money — to add more and more self-care to my list of things I do for myself.

I see a nutritionist. I go to a cross fit type gym (and I really mean I GO not just belong). I eat healthier. I drink lots of water daily. I get regular pedicures instead of every 6 months. I get regular massages. I’ve switched to a new doctor that follows the integrative medicine path. All of these things have improved my health and the way I feel. I’ve lost about 8% body fat in the last 6 months. My skin glows. I sleep better. My blood levels for cholesterol and sugar are better.

I’m still tired. My new doctor is working on that. I should have some answers this week — fingers crossed. But I went to the gym at lunch today and got my way through the workout, which today seemed pretty heavy on the squats. My glutes will “thank me’ tomorrow. LOL.

Being wholly “single” again though has opened my mind to things I have been ignoring however. My yoga and meditation practice. My artistic and musical self. This blog came directly out of my need to write after the (for lack of a better word) split.

You will likely see some of that creative need. This is a journey though and I need to travel this path while still earning a living as a self-employed attorney in a small town.

For now however, I may not have time to write regularly.

With that — off to a dinner meeting. I’ll say one thing — my life isn’t boring.



Random Thoughts

I figured I had to post something but I’ve been crazy busy so I thought I’d post some random thoughts. Now you kinda get an idea of how my mind really works — Suz’s mind for sure.

I had no idea that Comcast  owns Universal.

Tidy Cat is owned by Nestlé-Purina. So is Tombstone Pizza. I find that interesting and slightly disturbing.

I love fried fish. I’m not ashamed even as I strive to eat better.

I’m hopelessly in love with my cat.

More and better posts soon. Buh bye.