Tech Free Sunday

So yesterday was my first opt-out Sunday and I have to say that it went pretty well. I can’t say it wasn’t difficult sometimes, because it was. However, the amount of things I accomplished and the rest I received was well-worth the bit of anxiety over not checking the phone every 5 seconds. What I did: except for hopping on FB briefly to wish a few people happy birthday, I stayed off FB all day (I glimpsed at it before bed — really a no-no, I’ll work on that next week); I didn’t play any online games, I didn’t text anyone and the only message I responded to was one from someone telling me of another person’s passing. I did use my phone to Google a few things and to read a few articles. I didn’t really even deal with email except for my Kindle daily deal email (where I scored a book I’d been wanting to read for over a year for $1.99!). What I did do: Cooked a fabulous pork loin roast, finally read a magazine that was from DECEMBER, had a few good phone conversations with my parents, had a visit from my friends Juliette and Athena, talked with a few friends on the phone, read my book (The Goldfinch, highly recommended), caught up with some TV, straightened the house a bit. In general, I was so much less stressed. And guess what? The world did not end!! I will definitely do this again.


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