Random Thoughts

Here’s what’s been blowing through my mind lately.

It’s too damn cold out. I may be a January baby but 5 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill below zero? That’s just nuts. Why can’t it just be 65 degrees all year long. And sunny.

Why do recipes always call for bringing cold water to a boil?I know that in some circumstances, like boiling eggs, yeah, you need to start with cold water as there’s some chemical reason or risotto which benefits from adding hot liquid while in the process of cooking, but why do I have to start a pot of cold water to make tea? Or a pot of cold water to make pasta?It seems to me that in the old days, you had to start with cold water because there really was little other choice. You ALWAYS had to start a pot of water from cold. Now that I have incredibly hot tap water, I’ve really given this some thought, especially since I can actually steep a tea bag using the tap water and get a decent cuppa. Or when I used hot tap water to start a rice dish and cut the cooking time by at least 5 minutes. Do we really have to start with cold water?

Has anyone else that watches The Blacklist wondered about the relationship between Lizzie and her husband and how incredibly odd it is? Why are they still adopting a baby? These two people are doomed. Ryan Eggert (the actor) is damned cute but his character is, well, I think that he’s going to turn out to be a real creep. Can’t wait.

I was just given 1 year of Showtime for free and can’t find anything I want to watch on it. How disappointing.

How do you determine whether someone is a good friend or an acquaintance? What are the most defining characteristics of a good friend? I’ve been grappling with this. At BNI we were given a sheet asking about what makes a deep referral and some of the talking points are 1) you know the names of their family members and have met them personally 2) you have regular appointments scheduled, both business and personal 3) they are “top of mind” regularly 4) you can call them at 9 o’clock at night if you really needed something (among other points). I have some friends that frankly, I can’t do this with. Some of them don’t even look at their phones let alone answer them for a day or more. If you can’t rely on someone, is that a good friend or merely an acquaintance? What do you think?

Wine/beer/alcohol or a good chocolate chip cookie?

Where do I want to take a vacay?




One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. One reason to start with cold water is because the hot water may have been sitting in the water heater with rust, calcium etc.

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