Random Thoughts

So here I am again posting some random thoughts. I had some really good ideas for posts but I didn’t write them down and so they went pfft!

I didn’t want to like the Olympics because of all the issues with the Russians but decided that I couldn’t penalize our wonderful Olympians because the Russian government leaves something to be desired. I’ve enjoyed ice dancing (so gorgeous) and skiing and surprisingly, women’s skeleton. Cross country is still like watching paint dry in my opinion. Was happy to see Bode Miller win a medal.

I make kick ass chili — it’s not too hot so your average person can eat it — but it is very flavorful. Chili does not have beans.

I am over winter. I want all the snow go just away. I was told that the Almanac says March is going to be even worse. No. More.Snow.

I finished reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and I so heartily recommend it. Not a breezy read, in fact, it’s quite intense, but it is a marvelous read. I’m looking for advice on my next book read. Suggestions? I have many books in my Kindle virtual pile. Let’s see if any of them are on your “must read” list.

I ate an entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mints over the weekend. I have another box coming to me and I think I’m going to just give her the money and put the box in my food donation sack.

According to my athletic trainer I have lost 15.42% body fat in the last year. Woooot!  Now, if I keep eating GS cookies, that will be difficult to maintain so I cannot do that again.

Business has been good. February 2013 was  an abysmal month. This month has been phenomenal. I’m over the moon.

Am I the only person that is disappointed with Black Sails on Starz but happy with Intelligence on CBS? Two weeks ago I binge-watched Vikings on History. Love! Speaking of binge-watching, I’ve been doing it for years but didn’t know it had an official terminology.

Speaking of terminology, I was wondering when the term “polar vortex” started being bantered around so I did a very scientific (LOL) Google search and learned that what the newscasters are calling a polar vortex is not. An actual polar vortex is a persistent cyclone like wind at the two poles. It is a regular weather pattern. Weather Channel says it is “usually” at the poles yet I read that it is ALWAYS at the poles but sometimes little bits of it leaks further south.

I learned the other day that what we now call President’s Day is not in fact, President’s Day. Legally, it is Washington’s Birthday.

I have a meeting of some sort Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. When the heck do I get to Evo?? I’ve got to try to get there tomorrow night no matter what!!

The sun is out!!! Hello old friend.


One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. Just finished Roger Deakins’ “Wildwood – a walk through the trees”. Wonderful! Leaves you with a smile and a desire to travel the world looking at trees!

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