Music, Sweet Music

This is just a random list of music I am enjoying for more than a nanosecond (because some music catches my ear but only briefly). 

Ray Lamontagne “Trouble”. Yeah I know that Target used it in a commercial but it’s still a great song.  Also “Crazy”.

John Legend “All of Me”. What an amazing modern love song. Well done Mr. Legend.

Lorde. I think this young woman is amazing. Pick a song. So far I like them all.

Awolnation “Sail”. Just like it. That simple.

Carolina Dew Drops “Hit ‘Em Up Style”. A cover of a song originally recorded by Blu Cantrell in 2001.

Sara Bareilles. I find most of her music wonderfully sing-able. “Brave”, “Uncharted” and “King of Anything” are favorites.  Road trip! With the window down.

JJ Grey and Mofro “99 Shades of Crazy”. What a bluesy beat.

Speaking of bluesy, I’ve also been loving Amos Lee “The Man Who Loves You”.

To end this post,  I must confess to particularly jamming around town to Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” and Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”. Why? They make me happy.

All of these songs make me happy. There are many more though.  Another post for another day.

What are your favorites?


Climbing the Mountain Called My Health

I could ramble on and on about my health journey but I won’t bore you. Just suffice it to say that I had years filled with free-falling accidents that left me all but broken (how many people do YOU know that have had formaldehyde poisoning??). I keep coming up swinging. It’s been hills and valleys for me all along.

So now, age 53, I did my first Fitathalon Challenge in Northern Virginia this past weekend. It was very challenging. I had to skip 4 obstacles because I was frankly terrified of the heights and I didn’t have faith in my upper body strength to accomplish them. I did however, finish the 5k and the other obstacles. I am blessed to have had friends there on the course supporting and encouraging me through. Half-way through I had lost all steam but somehow I continued.

Then, I came home to continue the killer headache I’d had all week and woke up Sunday morning to what turned out to be viral gastroenteritis (or what most people call “stomach flu”). Like I said, hills and valleys.

I now have a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a gyno, an internist, a health coach and athletic trainers. The valleys are getting much more sparse (thanks to whatever energy source/diety may be listening and part of that very good thing). It takes a village to get me up the mountain.

So when I got hit with this thing (bug) I thought “really?”. I went to the bank today and it nearly wiped me out! I thought “this is crazy!”.

So I’m trying to just accept that my body wants to rest — a hard thing for this Type A personality — and that I really did good this past Saturday. Yea me!!


That's me on the far left. I got a medal. I've never had a medal before!

That’s me on the far left. I got a medal. I’ve never had a medal before!

Yeah, that's me in the black doing squats

Yeah, that’s me in the black doing squats

Fitathalon Challenge 2014




Notes on the universe post

While the post stayed based on totally true event in my life,  it morphed some into a post on my outlook on relationships. Yes, to the particular man that was my muse, I would definitely leave a key under the mat if he wanted to “come home” so to speak,  but I think that the post speaks just as much to my growth.  It speaks to my unwillingness to live someone else’s life or walk 3 steps behind. 

The solar system metaphors and similies just came to me and I ran with it.  However I really think of relationships as Venn Diagrams. Two whole circles that have a point of intersection.  As long as the two circles have a healthy intersection you have a great relationship (while I’m specifically speaking of romantic,  it holds true for friendship as well).

So that’s how the post came to fruition.  Thanks for reading.

The Universe

“I don’t want to be the center of anyone’s universe, ” he said.  “I don’t want anyone to rely on me. ”

But he’s got it all wrong.  He is not my sun and I had no plans to play a planet in his galaxy, tethered to him by his gravity, stuck in his orbit.

Yes, I found him attractive.  Yes, I found him funny and kind,  wise, smart and oh so easy to talk to. But I wasn’t blinded by the sight of him.

He’s got it all wrong,  I had no intention of being his moon. I wanted to be the center of his universe. I wanted to take care of him,  to sooth all the hurts,  kiss away the pains.

For you see,  I am the center of my solar system.  At best I was willing to share, have a system with two suns perhaps? I wanted him to feel the effects of my gravity.

Now he’s a comet whizzing in and out at intervals, but my solar system was better with him in it as a regular point in the sky.  Polaris. Even behind clouds,  it’s nice to know it’s there.  A constant.

Yet it’s been cloudy and a long winter. I long for the warmth of other suns as it were.  So I suppose it’s time to reach out to new adventures and boldly go forth. 

But while I may roam, I will leave the key under the mat for him.