Notes on the universe post

While the post stayed based on totally true event in my life,  it morphed some into a post on my outlook on relationships. Yes, to the particular man that was my muse, I would definitely leave a key under the mat if he wanted to “come home” so to speak,  but I think that the post speaks just as much to my growth.  It speaks to my unwillingness to live someone else’s life or walk 3 steps behind. 

The solar system metaphors and similies just came to me and I ran with it.  However I really think of relationships as Venn Diagrams. Two whole circles that have a point of intersection.  As long as the two circles have a healthy intersection you have a great relationship (while I’m specifically speaking of romantic,  it holds true for friendship as well).

So that’s how the post came to fruition.  Thanks for reading.


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