The Universe

“I don’t want to be the center of anyone’s universe, ” he said.  “I don’t want anyone to rely on me. ”

But he’s got it all wrong.  He is not my sun and I had no plans to play a planet in his galaxy, tethered to him by his gravity, stuck in his orbit.

Yes, I found him attractive.  Yes, I found him funny and kind,  wise, smart and oh so easy to talk to. But I wasn’t blinded by the sight of him.

He’s got it all wrong,  I had no intention of being his moon. I wanted to be the center of his universe. I wanted to take care of him,  to sooth all the hurts,  kiss away the pains.

For you see,  I am the center of my solar system.  At best I was willing to share, have a system with two suns perhaps? I wanted him to feel the effects of my gravity.

Now he’s a comet whizzing in and out at intervals, but my solar system was better with him in it as a regular point in the sky.  Polaris. Even behind clouds,  it’s nice to know it’s there.  A constant.

Yet it’s been cloudy and a long winter. I long for the warmth of other suns as it were.  So I suppose it’s time to reach out to new adventures and boldly go forth. 

But while I may roam, I will leave the key under the mat for him.



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