Music, Sweet Music

This is just a random list of music I am enjoying for more than a nanosecond (because some music catches my ear but only briefly). 

Ray Lamontagne “Trouble”. Yeah I know that Target used it in a commercial but it’s still a great song.  Also “Crazy”.

John Legend “All of Me”. What an amazing modern love song. Well done Mr. Legend.

Lorde. I think this young woman is amazing. Pick a song. So far I like them all.

Awolnation “Sail”. Just like it. That simple.

Carolina Dew Drops “Hit ‘Em Up Style”. A cover of a song originally recorded by Blu Cantrell in 2001.

Sara Bareilles. I find most of her music wonderfully sing-able. “Brave”, “Uncharted” and “King of Anything” are favorites.  Road trip! With the window down.

JJ Grey and Mofro “99 Shades of Crazy”. What a bluesy beat.

Speaking of bluesy, I’ve also been loving Amos Lee “The Man Who Loves You”.

To end this post,  I must confess to particularly jamming around town to Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” and Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”. Why? They make me happy.

All of these songs make me happy. There are many more though.  Another post for another day.

What are your favorites?


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