Where you been??

Where have I been? Let’s see, I had gastroenteritis. Now I have bronchitis. I’ve been working 6 day weeks for many of the last 3-4 months (which may explain two illnesses in 3 weeks??). In between, I’ve been going to my “gym” Evolution Strength and Conditioning. Although being sick has made that very difficult. I miss it and feel like a sloth. This past week was Apple Blossom week in beautiful Winchester, Virginia (www.thebloom.com).

So anyhow, I’m catching up on some work. Staying pretty solo to avoid infecting people.

Right now I’m sitting in my office listening to some crazy beautiful music by Ben Harper and Ellen Harper (Ben’s mother). Insanely beautiful. You can listen too. You should. A-maze-ing.   http://www.pandora.com/station/play/2022778960564164016

So, anyhow, as Arnold said “I’ll be back”. Lots of interesting things to share.



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