My Mind’s a Jumble of Random Thoughts

I started my detox last night. As I figured, the biggest obstacles are breakfast and eating out. I have to say however that the grilled burger I had today was OUTSTANDING and I will be eating there again during this time because nobody’s got time for a bad naked burger.

Breakfast was 2 oz of meat (seriously I needed some protein) and a strawberry/coconut milk smoothie (which was very good).

I was very disappointed that the strawberries were already showing signs of some molding, especially since I only bought them Tuesday evening.

I have such amazing friends. Because of the post I made about being despondent,  a friend from childhood that lives about 40 minutes away messaged me and asked what she could do for me in response to my post about being despondent. Another friend, after I made a remark about being despondent and sad, asked me to have lunch today and at lunch she said “i just want you to know that you are loved”. How truly lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life.



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