I Just Got the News

Today I just learned that I am essentially allergic to wheat, yeast and gluten and that I also have Celiac Disease so I also have to cut out all grains of any stripe. Some will be forever — like corn, oats and rice — others at least a year and then we’ll see if I tolerate them — like quinoa and buckwheat.

Anyone that knows me also knows I am the pasta queen. I love baking bread.

I am also sensitive to eggs. I love eggs. I eat them like crazy. Well, no more eggs.

In addition to Celiac, I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroidosis. That’s an autoimmune disease wherein the body attacks your thyroid.

So, today I learned I have 2 autoimmune diseases. And we can add that to the IBS I’ve known about for years so that makes 3.

This is a core change in my life. Major dietary changes are a-coming. But, as a friend pointed out today, I shouldn’t think of it as being deprived. I should think of it as no longer ingesting poison — because these things have been causing poison in my body and my body has been attacking itself.


Grateful for my friend who invited me to her belly dancing class. It was a blast and fun to laugh and move.

Now, I just need to figure out what the heck I can eat!!!


7 thoughts on “I Just Got the News

  1. Well, at least that explains why you are sick so much. I am always confused with these allergy’s that people have related to such common foods.

    • It explains YEARS of symptoms that have been treated individually but never seen as a series of symptoms of one illness. I was told I will start feeling so much better as I change my diet and get these things under control.

      • It’s scary to think that someone could live with this, and these symptoms, for so long – I mean, I’m SO glad you found out what it is, but can you imagine how many people never do? And they just live miserably. I hope you start feeling better very quickly.

      • Toni, as you well know I’m 53! I only did this because my regular doc wanted to put me on thyroid meds and I know I didn’t want them. My symptoms over 30-40-50 years? IBS almost all my life! Anxiety for almost 35 years. Female hormone issues for as long. Cholesterol for 25 years. Tired all the damned time. Weight gain no matter what over the last 15 years. Plus other issues.

      • Well I’m just so glad you got it figured out now. As Dr. Phil says, the only thing worse than being miserable for 35 years is being miserable for 35 years and 1 day!

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