How Many Stages of Grief Are There?

While I feel excited for the future and know that everything will be okay (I feel a Bob Marley tune coming on), I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed and a little depressed. I suppose it’s normal. After all, my life as I’ve known it for 53 years is gone in one fell swoop.

No bread, no pasta, no cheese, no yogurt, no buckwheat, no matzo balls, no fried rice, no eggs. The list is seemingly endless since I can’t have any grains or quinoa or sorghum, or teff, or anything of that sort. Even the gluten free cookbooks use things I cannot anymore.

I find myself hungry all the time. I eat a huge salad and I’m FULL but 2 hours later I want something else. Yesterday I ate an entire grapefruit and looked for more. I’m not used to eating huge portions of meat protein but that may be the only solution I have at least for right now until I can add some beans and lentils back to my diet (7-1/2 more weeks). Nothing sates me.

Mostly, the depression is knowing that while I have baked bread for 30 years of my life and I do a good job of it, I can no longer have the silky feel of dough in my hands and the wonderful yeasty smell. I make probably the best matzo balls on Earth and I can’t have them anymore either.

I’ve been told that it gets better. Damn I sure hope so.

In the meantime, I’m looking for some recipe ideas to jump with because naked meat and salad is already getting a little old for this foodie.



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