I did really well at Evo yesterday, doing 5 sets of 5 @ 75 lb. bench press. When I started a year ago, I couldn’t lift a 25 lb. bar. Now my PR is 105 lbs.

My intent (which I wrote in my new workout notebook — I’ve never had a notebook before!) is to see what my PR for dead lift is. I did 5 x 3 @ 45 lbs. and thought it was light.  I can also probably do heavier for a PR on hang clean (also 5 x 3 @ 45 lbs.). I might squeak a little more than the 45 lb. on push press but that was the hardest yesterday. I did 5 x 5 @ 65 lb. on back squat and I think I should do a PR on that as well. GOALS!!

So that’s my gloat for the day. I’m proud of me.


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