Ups and Downs

Thursday night I had a massage. Aaaaah!

Friday I went to Evo and did a PR (personal record) for a dead lift of 125#. Very proud of me. I needed that because although it was a 4 day work week, it was a very loooong week and Friday just was crappy. It wasn’t like it was an awful day — nothing really bad happened. It was just a very long and packed day. Running all day from appointment to appointment and the phone was non-stop. I was glad the day was done. The very tough Evo workout Friday night was just what I needed to wind down.

Saturday I slept in (7:30) and then hung around a bit before going to the office and working all afternoon to catch up on what I wasn’t getting done all week. That was good.

Finished a wonderful little book called The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. Definitely worth reading. Great summer read.

Sunday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat. Ugh oh! Having just gotten over bronchitis this is an unwelcome event.

At noon I met with my dear friend who lives in Portugal (trying to get her to come home!!) but is here on her annual visit. We spent a lovely afternoon together. We went to Abram’s Delight, considered the oldest house in Winchester. I’d been before but she hadn’t. I’d never walked the property before and I learned more about the family that lived in the house, what the various items in the house were and the history of Winchester.

Today, the throat is even worse. Bigger uh oh! I am definitely keeping an eye on this and not letting it get as bad as I did last time. At the first sign that this is more than allergies or a cold, I am high-tailing it to the doctor’s office.

The weather this weekend was positively delightful. I couldn’t have asked for better weather.

I’m getting a little more creative with my “diet”. It is very difficult. Olives have become my friend. I’m looking for a curry seasoning that doesn’t have any pepper (as in red pepper) in it. I really don’t want to make my own.

Eating out has been less attractive to me. Naked meat (chicken, fish, turkey etc) plus plain veg or plain salad gets old very quickly and that’s all I trust right now. Some restaurants are very accommodating when I ask for a naked burger and a salad, no croutons, no dressing, no cheese etc. Others look at me like I’ve lost my mind. I’m making a list of those that are most accommodating and aren’t “upcharging” me insane amounts of money to have a salad with my plain, no bun, no cheese, no pickle, no mayo, no ketchup, no mustard burger or grilled chicken. I figure that when I decline the handmade chips or fries that I should get a discount on the burger. Instead I’m paying MORE to add the salad. More than once I’ve thought I should have gotten the chips and given them to my companions. Hey, I’m paying for them!

Here’s a picture or two of the garden at Abram’s Delight.

Abrams Delight pond

Abrams Delight pond

Abrams Delight sunken garden

Abrams Delight sunken garden



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