Cell Phones and People and Parties and Lunches and Dinners

So I’ve been to two get togethers recently and for both I really didn’t see any phones! I thought that this was simply marvelous. Nobody taking selfies. Nobody checking a phone to see what else was happening (uh, am I boring you??). Nobody texting.

What was there? Excellent conversation. Relaxing, easy, breezy few hours without any cares other than the sound of voices talking and people eating and drinking and laughing.

Do you remember those days? I do.

Don’t misunderstand me. I have owned a cell phone since they were the size of a brick. My first phone was purchased because I was starting to drive all over the state and I wanted it for emergencies. Coverage was okay but not great. The phone was analog! I was the only person I know that had one (1994 or 1995 I think). Two years later I got a much smaller phone (although my smart phone just might be bigger) and more people had them. I used it more frequently but it still wasn’t in my hand all the time.

Enter my Blackberry. I had a BB when they were still novel. I loved it. It untethered me from the office and as a small business owner that was great. My most important clients could email me and I always got the messages without lugging a laptop around with me.

I owned 3 BB’s before getting an iPhone and got on the app bandwagon. Now I have an Android phablet. The thing is quite large and while I like not having to squint at the screen, I sometimes resent how my hand feels empty without it. I resent the constant barrage of beeps and burbs and rings signaling texts, emails, calls and FB messages. Even shutting some of the notification sounds off doesn’t really help much.

At these get-togethers I so enjoyed not having that phone in my hand and not having everyone else starring at their screens.  I felt untethered from my phone. How freeing.

I’ve actively been trying to use my phone less — not using it when I’m watching a movie or TV at home. I’ve actively tried to not use the phone for any purpose but as a phone on Sundays. It’s not been a total disaster but it hasn’t been a real success either. How can it be? I have friends that have told me that they prefer to text because talking on the phone is an imposition.they text entire conversations.  20 minutes of texts. Unbelievable!

Did I mention how much I enjoyed not being tethered to my phone? I want to see how I can do this more. Yeah, what a concept. Being free from the phone.

Join me??


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