My Conclusion: Everything is Very Smooth

I’ve had so much running around my brain it’s like I can’t even organize my thoughts today. I was going to write about the “diet” but even I’m tired of talking about it (although everyone around me is VERY interested in talking about it). I was going to write about my weight loss to date (17 pounds). There, that’s over. I was going to write about clients that don’t have anyone to talk to so chew my ear off for 1/2 hour or more. Probably more complaining than you want to hear. I was going to talk about the meditation practice I’ve been going to and how amazing it is. For now, that’s all. I can’t organize my thoughts more to talk about how it is helping me. Just know that it really is (thank you Jake White!). I thought about writing about the cherry sauce I made last night for my chicken but I really don’t want to. I could write about certain minor frustrations but don’t see the point in elevating them to anything more than the minor things they are.

Overall, as you can see, life is rolling along very well. Life is work and Evo and rest. Everything is very smooth. I guess that’s what  is good right? Right!


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