The Path

Do you ever question your path? I know I do. I read a quote in an email from Positive Outlooks and thought “hmmm”. Here’s what it said. “It is better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. — Diane Grant”

Isn’t it hard walking your own path, especially when it seems you’re on a very lonely journey?

Many times in my life I’ve felt like I was in a crowd of people but still felt very alone. As I’ve gotten older, I at least realize that my path will lead me to like-minded people. I may have fewer friends but I know they are true friends.

The rest are either acquaintances on my path to teach me lessons or just static, in which case I need to teach myself a lesson. In either case, I am grateful for the lesson. I think those lessons have made me much, much wiser. The Universe has been very good of late bonking me on the head and showing me “the error of my ways” when I stray. The “bonk” is often almost instantaneous. Sometimes that bonk on the head is gentle and sometimes it isn’t.

Still, sometimes being alone on the path is difficult and in those moments I remind myself, “baby steps Suzan. Baby steps.’

Blessed be.


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