Kale Chips Taste Like….

Is it just me or do kale chips taste like crap? I have friends that love them. LOVE them. I keep making them, looking for that “oh wow!” need to eat all of them in one sitting feeling. Sadly, it never comes. Because kale chips taste like shit IMO.

If anyone has a recipe that can change my mind, lay it on me.

Otherwise, I’ll say it again…. Kale chips taste like shit. Crap. Doo doo. Poop.

In other words, they are AWFUL!


Fall Fashion Uh Ohs — Or A Gaucho Is A Cowboy and Nothing More

Now I fully admit, I’m no fashion icon so this will be filled with my personal feelings and observations. Be forewarned 🙂

“New” this year are the following: gauchos, midi skirts, maxi skirts and something else equally horrible for anyone that isn’t tall (but I can’t recall what it is).

Gauchos were all the rage when I was in junior and senior high school That was a very long time ago — 35-40 years. They were not flattering for most body types then and my guess is they still aren’t. If you are short, they will make you look shorter and wider than you really are. They make your hips look HUGE. I’ve never understood how anyone that can look in a mirror can’t see that.

Not to say that I haven’t been talked into wearing something by friends or sales clerks that was awful but I try hard to say to myself, “Self, you don’t like this no matter how hard they are trying to sell you on it”. In which case, I pass on it.

Equally unflattering for us short people (cue Randy Newman “short people got no reason….”) are midi and maxi skirts. People, we just cannot pull it off. We don’t have enough height. I know that I look like a little Petrushka doll in them. All I need is a kerchief around my head and I look like I just walked out of the shtetl. It’s just not flattering.

I know, I know. We all want to look chic and hip and all those other things that say “I get fashion” but really? I know what goes around comes around but some things should just remain in the past.