My Health and Wellness Journey Update…Or I’m Lazy. So Sue Me.

I started an entire post and then lost it. So here I am using the classic view which at least says “save draft?”. Uh, yes.

Anyhew, I really do have a lot to say but I’m not sure how to say it or how publicly I want to say these things. I’m still contemplating.

In the meantime, here’s the general update.

Since the beginning of December I’ve traveled to Austin, Texas where I went to a really great seminar (on estate planning and taxes). While there I got to see my dad (who drove down to stay at the hotel with me), my brother and his family (who live in Austin), and my friends Georgia and Milton (who drove up from Houston to see me). I came back with the crud however and I’m still froggy of voice and have a slight cough. I have some really good pictures of my trip but turned off autosave for Google. I have to upload the photos first.

I have made a few additions to my diet — almonds, wine (more on this), honey (local), white potatoes (more on this), bacon (okay this probably should be verboten but it’s so good!), and chocolate (more on this).

I have found that drinking even one glass of wine makes me officially impaired. I don’t know if it’s due to the change in diet or that I’ve lost 40 pounds or both but I have officially become a cheap drunk. ūüôā

Yes, you read that correctly. I have lost 40 pounds since I started this journey in May.

As for the potatoes, I was disappointed. They were bland and I’m pretty much sticking to the sweet potatoes (which are really not potatoes and in the US they are probably yams and not even sweet potatoes).

I’m eating a little chocolate. It doesn’t taste badly considering it’s dairy, soy, nut and seed, gluten, wheat, corn, GMO, and otherwise free of all major allergens. The dark chocolate is okay or as good as 85% cacao chocolate ever is. The semi-sweet chocolate chips are better. In fact, the are too good because if I open a bag of them I eat all of them in short order. So I’m not buying them to save myself.

I have learned to make very excellent hot chocolate with some good Droste’s Dutch Cocoa, honey and coconut milk (full fat with a little water added). I don’t know where it’s been all my life but it is so very worth it. If I have the above-mentioned chocolate chips I add them in also. As Uncle George¬†Takei says “Oh myyyy!” (NO!! HE’S NOT MY UNCLE!!!)

I drink a little decaf coffee but because I drink it black now I have found very little that tastes acceptable (thank you to the Espresso Bar and Cafe in Winchester, Virginia for having a very good decaf for sipping black). I’ve found that drinking my tea (mostly herbal and green) is much more satisfying.

I’ve set some goals in my continuing journey for improvement.

Of course my health is of utmost importance and so I am adding foods rather slowly. Next I’m trying cashews and sesame seeds. ¬†We may try a little corn down the road. Honestly, all I’d like is a nice ear of corn on the cob. I don’t know if anything else is really necessary. I’ve done so well without it all these months it’s not important (and that’s what I’m really learning).

I’ve committed to going to Evo twice a week (they have a blog on WordPress now called Evolution, check it out —¬† I’m committed to going to yoga once a week. I’ve decided to have¬†one of the coaches at Evo teach me to run (I’m a horrible runner) so I can do a 5k with ease and therefore do my challenges better — Fitathalon Challenge in the spring ¬†for example.

I have been getting out of bed earlier in the morning and I’m working on not hitting the snooze button. In addition, instead of checking email, I make a cup of tea and watch a Super Soul Sunday for some spiritual enlightenment.

This is working well and I’m getting to the office earlier as well. Correspondingly, since I’m getting to the office earlier, I’m endeavoring to not be there very late at night and either going to Evo or yoga or home so I’m out of the office at a reasonable hour.

I am trying to bring lunch at least 2 times a week. Some of this is to save a few dollars because¬†frankly, eating out on this diet gets expensive. I can’t eat the el cheapo special and remain healthy. So I bring lunch and save some money and probably eat a little healthier as well.

My rabbi will laugh at this but I really plan on getting to temple once a month. I’m sure that if he sees this he will think “I’ll believe it when I see it” and I don’t blame him.

All of this is a¬†work in progress and I’ve already been planning for a few months. I implemented some of it (like the getting up with tea and Super Soul Sunday) back in November. Some of it is very challenging.¬†I just read that getting into a new habit does not take 30 days as we’ve always believed and that there is no data to support that belief. In fact, it can take almost a year to develop a new habit depending upon the person and the complexity of the change. I’d argue that it’s not even that simple. I’ve been at this diet thing for months and it is sheer force of will that keeps me going, not the habit. The habit makes it a little easier but some days it’s damned difficult, especially when I’m surrounded by forbidden foods (it’s holiday time — cookies, cakes, candies, appetizers). I’ve probably most wanted a brownie and a mocha (chocolate and sugar, no surprise) but I know I’d be ill if I did so I just avoid and I’m good with that.

So I’ll leave you with this — If you haven’t listened to the new Foo Fighters’ CD “Sonic Highways,” do and watch the tie-in show on HBO. Worth it. ¬†I’ve been binge-watching Homeland on Showtime. I’m halfway through Season 2. 2-1/2 seasons to catching up. I’m totally hooked.