Grammy Performances

Yeah, I know I’m a week late but I have good reasons. First, everyone was posting about them in real time on Facebook and I didn’t want to piggy back. Second, I wasn’t watching the Grammys in real time. I taped it on my DVR (do you still say “taped”?) and watched it over the weekend. Nice! I fast forwarded through at least an hour’s worth of commercials and any performances and such that didn’t appeal to me.

So here are my favorite performances.

My favorite was Annie Lennox with Hozier. Annie nailed it! I have to say that until recently I wasn’t sure from the radio if Hozier was a man or woman. Now I know he’s a man. I’m so impressed that Annie still has such amazing pipes. I remember when Eurythmics were introduced on MTV back in the early 1980s and I was so inspired by her. Then she put out such lovely solo performance work over the years. Now at age 60, she is amazing.

My second favorite performance was Ed Sheeran with Herbie Hancock, John Mayer and The Roots, followed by a performance by Jeff Lynne and ELO (that would be Electric Light Orchestra to the unenlightened, pun intended) with Ed Sheeran.

My third favorite performance was Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. I find their partnership quite interesting and lovely.

I know a number of people had negative comments about Pharrell Williams’s performance and pissed a few people off. I, however, thought the performance was brilliant art.

The remainder of the performances were okay. Some were more okay than others. I still think it’s funny how many people think that Sir Paul is a new artist that was given a break. I think the songs that Kanye West sung were good because Paul co-wrote them. Just my opinion. I don’t dislike Kanye’s music but I don’t  like it either. I dislike him however. So since I don’t find most of the music inspiring and I don’t like him, I’m not going to go out of my way to obtain any of it. (I think I have a few mp3 songs on my cloud player.)

So that’s my review of the Grammy performances in February 2015.


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