The Republican Congress Is At It Again

So this is my political rant and fair warning — my blog, so if you post something mean or insulting, I will not approve your comment.

The Republican Congress is trying yet again to defund Planned Parenthood. I find it amusing at what Congress in general, and the Republicans specifically, think will make our budget woes go away. It’s like they are swatting at the gnats when a whale is sitting next to them.

Public television and radio being one thing they are always looking to defund. It takes up such a miniscule amount of our federal budget that it’s laughable.

Planned Parenthood is often in the crosshairs and this week it’s no different. They want to defund PP because it provides abortions. OK, so watch this and learn what PP really does (which is what I’ve been saying for years) — providing low cost medical CARE for people that would otherwise not have access to medical CARE.

So what’s the takeaway? 97% of PP’s entire budget is to provide medical CARE and cancer screenings and birth control. 3% is for abortions. Not all of PP’s money is from the federal government but 3% of that money can be presumed to be for abortion. Maybe not, maybe they only use federal money for medical care. But let’s assume it’s 3%.

So, IMO for all those people that are anti-choice, if PP didn’t use federal funds for abortions, would that be enough for you? Just take away that 3% and say “don’t use federal money for abortions”?

Somehow I doubt it.

What would make a serious dent in our budget deficit? Cutting our enormous military spending would make a huge dent but it’ll never happen despite the fact that it’s between 65% and 70% of our entire federal budget. Yeah folks. Seriously.

So when Congress picks at the zit on the butt of the budget by offering up public television and Planned Parenthood, you have to ask yourself, what parts of the budget are they refusing to budge on. You may be surprised.


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