Oracle Cards

I’ve dabbled in oracle card readings on and off my entire adult life. Recently my friend Trisha Leigh Shufelt created an oracle deck based upon her amazing art and her journey through breast cancer. Her website Art In Soul says the following about what she calls Mantra Cards.

The Art in Soul Mantra Cards were a labor of love. The deck contains two separate sets. One is designed as oracle cards, where you shuffle, pull a card at random, and allow your intuitive side to uncover messages. The second deck is a daily draw. It contains 31 cards. At the beginning of the month, shuffle the deck and lay it face down. Each day, pull one card, read the message and the mantra. Meditate upon the meaning and recite the mantra over and over until you feel it become a part of you. …If you are interested in my Art In Soul Mantra Cards, I have a signed set available though my etsy store at…/mantra-cards-oracle-cards-by-art-in-…

I got my deck yesterday and it is GORGEOUS.

Me, being me, decided however to do my readings differently. I separated the cards into the two decks and did two three-card readings.

Here’s my reading from yesterday.

From the Oracle Deck:

1) Manifestation: Emotions in motion are the keys to manifestation 2) The Key: Everything I need lies within 3) Spirit Dancers: I am Authentic. I am standing in my truth.

From the Daily Draw Deck:

1) I am hitting my mark, I am focused on my goals, My eyes are on the target, I am achieving my goals.

2) I am a shapeshifter, I am living from a place of passion.

3) I hold the key. Everything I need is within.

I found it interesting that both drawings had a Key card. This resonates with a good deal of the meditative and energy healing work I’ve been doing lately.

In general, cards are merely a tool to help you meditate and focus on what you already know in your heart and soul. They don’t really “tell” you anything that you don’t already know if you’d just take the time to listen.

I’ve been taking the time to listen lately and so I enjoy the ability to use these cards as a meditative focus technique.

Plus, like I said, the cards have Trisha’s art and they are GORGEOUS.


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