My reading challenge

Now that I have time to read more, I have been.

I look at my bookshelves full of books and I look on my Kindle full of books. I calculate how many books I can read a month and I shake my head .

If I can read two books a month, it will take me more than 10 years to read all of the books on my Kindle. More than 10 years – probably 15. That doesn’t even include all the books I have sitting on bookshelves. It also doesn’t take into account that some of the books I have to read are over a thousand pages each and that means one book that month.

So that’s one big dilemma. The other is I am a typical bookaholic. I can’t resist buying books. I receive a number of book emails everyday telling me what specials Amazon has and I get book emails everyday from publishers telling me what new and exciting books they have published. And my finger itches. I want to press “click to buy” so that my Kindle automatically downloads the book. I want to run to the bookstore and buy a new book, a book that will likely sit on a bookshelf for a few years collecting dust in my “to read” pile until I can find the time to read it.

So I challenged myself to not buy books for the foreseeable future to give me time to whittle down my sizable book collection.

I don’t know how this will go. I want a new Kathy Reichs book as soon as it comes out. Perhaps I should just get it from the library. I won’t be cheating then because I won’t be buying the book. I’ll just be borrowing it.


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