The Fall TV season part 2

Yesterday I blogged about the new Fall TV season and the shows that I have been DVRing to watch later and determine if I will keep watching them.

I realized after I posted, that there are a few other new shows that I have watched and wanted to talk about.

One of the shows is Fear the Walking Dead. This show is set in Los Angeles just as the zombie outbreak occurs. I’m enjoying it. It’s nice to see a different perspective on the zombie issue and how it began without the show being a prequel to the Walking Dead per se.

Another show that I’ve been watching is Quantico. I’ve watched two episodes and I will continue watching. I’m finding it very enjoyable.

I’ve watched one episode of Heroes Reborn and I’m going to watch the next episode as well but I have to say that so far I am not all that enthralled with it. It may be on the chopping block.

I’ve also watched the pilot of Limitless which is based upon the movie of the same name. I’ve watched one episode and I’m going to give the second episode a try. It might be worth sticking with but I’m not sure yet.

Lastly in this set of new shows I have been watching is Blunt Talk which is on Starz. It stars Patrick Stewart as you’ve never seen him before. If you are expecting Captain Jean Luc Picard, you will be sorely disappointed. However if you want smart, biting, naughty, and very funny, then you will enjoy the show. Stewart portrays a TV anchorman who drinks too much, drugs too much, sleeps around too much, has failed at four marriages, and is just a hot mess. In fact his entire newsroom staff is a hot mess. I think the show is hysterically funny. What that says about me I’m not quite sure. I really hope the show is picked up for a second season. You will not see this show on network TV – at least in my lifetime.

There are few new shows that will be starting in November, mostly on the premium TV channels. I have all of the premium channels as I drove a very hard bargain with Comcast so that I wouldn’t leave them. So for at least the next two years I have lots and lots of choices for TV and movies.

More blogging about TV as I cull through the new Fall season.


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