Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

I admit it. I’m a wuss . I can’t stay up late enough to watch this show most nights. It isn’t a matter of age. I’ve never been able to stay up this late to watch late night television.

But with on demand and DVR, I can enjoy the shows I want to watch no matter when they are.

I set the DVR for Stephen Colbert at least once a week. I have to tell you, I really like Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. I like him far better than I like David Letterman. There is something about the show that is intelligent and funny. I like it better than any of the late shows.i haven’t enjoyed late night television this much since Carson and he’s been off the air for ages and I’m not old enough to have thoroughly appreciated Carson back then.

So this was on last night and it just made me laugh. When I say laugh I mean LAUGH.

These are what he believes are the TED Talks that were not accepted. He called them RejecTED Talks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


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