Sunday morning politics television

I’ve spent most of the morning sitting on the couch drinking green tea and watching all of the Sunday news shows.

I watch Chris Wallace on Fox News. I watched Meet the Press. I’m watching Face the Nation as I write this.

Here’s what I have learned:

1. Benghazi: no matter what Hillary Clinton says the Republicans on the Benghazi committee will not believe what she says. I think she could have God himself/herself/itself testify on her behalf and it will not be enough.

While I am all for finding out the truth, if the truth comes out I don’t believe they will recognize it because they don’t want to know the truth unless it is what they want the truth to be.

2. Chris Christie still fascinates me although I don’t think I’d want him as a president. Maybe it’s that New York New Jersey accent but I like his plain talk even though I don’t agree with a good deal of it.

3. I just don’t like Ben Carson even though he has amazing bedside manner. If he were my surgeon he would put me at ease because of his calm demeanor. I just don’t think he has a clue as to what goes on in politics and I don’t think he will gain any traction even among his own party if he were president. Plus I really think he’s a nut and is much too far right for me.

4. Iowa: no disrespect to my friends from Iowa, but why is a state with so few people such a big deal when it comes to determining who are presidential front runners are? I was a political science major in college and for the life of me I have never grasped the concept that Iowa or New Hampshire can determine the shape of our presidential elections. It boggles my mind.

5. I am struggling with the idea that Bernie Sanders speaks to me yet I question whether he can win the presidential election. He has experience in Washington and that is a plus to me. Yet  he identifies as a democratic socialist, which is not the same as a communist or what most people in this country think of as socialism . He is originally from New York,  and he is a Jew .  None of that plays well in rural America .  I don’t know that the Republicans would work with him if he were president.

I struggle with the idea that Hillary Clinton is a Washington insider and does know her way around the Hill. She’s tough as nails and I like that about her. She has Bill as a confidante and I love that about her because yes, despite his personal life mess, I would vote for him again. On the other hand, what I like about the fact that she’s an insider is what I don’t like about her as well.

So I am conflicted & I have no clue yet how I will vote in the primary. Because while I voted in the local Republican primary to ensure that a friend was the candidate for the Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates, I cannot in good conscience vote in the Republican primary for president.

6. On Meet the Press  Chuck Todd  had an interesting portion of the show  in which  he showed graphically  how  Independents, considered a good indicator of what our country’s mainstream really believes, believed that Democrats understand the majority of the country’s viewpoints on abortion,  same sex marriage, and climate change. They believe Republicans understand the majority of the country’s viewpoints on guns. Independents believe that neither party understands the majority of the country’s viewpoints on immigration and economic conditions overall.

7. The difference between each of these shows is, frankly, negligible.

Chris Wallace, bless his heart, is not his dad.

I’m not that sure about Chris Todd. He is a good statistician and some of his commentary is very astute but I don’t really like his interview style.

George Stephanopoulos is a good interviewer but there’s something about him that has always annoyed me.

I miss a local DC show with Gordon Peterson that has been off the air for a few years because I thought it was the best of all the Sunday morning political shows.

Although conservatives do not like PBS I still find that it provides the most measured, astute, and equal opportunity coverage of all of the stations.

Nonetheless,  I’m very impressed with the new host of Face the Nation, John Dickerson. I miss Bob Schieffer but Dickerson is a very competent political interviewer. I like the fact that he does have a mix of people on different sides of the discussion and his demeanor is very calm and intelligent.


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