My health continuum

I haven’t written very much about my health lately. A good deal of that reason is because I’ve got the diet down to a science.

I’m okay with not eating wheat, or barley, or any other grain. I have added a little bit of corn and most of it is either fresh corn on the cob or when I eat Mexican food, or at its worse – when I’m out at a restaurant and the daily vegetable is succotash consisting of corn and a few anemic lima beans.

I got a little bit too crazy on chocolate for a while and I realized it really was the sugar and not the chocolate. I confirmed that last night when I allowed myself a little bit of chocolate and frankly, felt like shit afterward.

After going to a seminar last weekend, I decided that I needed to watch my sodium intake a little bit more and have adopted the DASH diet as my template. I eat fairly healthy as you know, but I personally think I use my salt shaker a little too much. Yet I must not use much because when I go out to eat I find restaurant food way too salty 9 out of every 10 times.

So I’m making a point of tasting my food before I shake additional salt on to anything I’m eating. I’ve always read labels regarding sodium and lately even my favorite bacon is too salty. I see this is a good thing.

My biggest obstacle has been movement. I have been working so many hours that I have been lax in my Evo and my yoga. Honestly I haven’t much wanted to go workout at 7 o’clock at night, then go home and eat dinner, and get to bed at 11 o’clock p.m. I noticed that when I am away and in a hotel I’m sound asleep by 10 o’clock. Then I’m wide awake and ready to go not later than 6 a.m. It’s hard to go work out and get home at 8:30, then eat, and be in bed by 10.

So I am working on actually going to the gym two mornings a week. That means going to bed early and getting up early. I don’t know how this is going to work but I’m willing to give it a try.

I’m also buying a standing desk. My athletic trainer has suggested that if I sit 40 hours a week at the office and change that to standing just 10 hours of those 40 hours my hips and back will improve immensely.

Sometimes I admit that I wonder what the point of all of this health is. My dad has lived a very healthy life the last 40 plus years and still got cancer. So I vacillate between wanting to be healthy and not giving a shit.

I suppose overall it is best to be healthy. I know that when I see the elderly around me who have lived what I consider hard lives. I called them elderly however many of them aren’t a heck of a lot older than I am. They can’t breathe, they can barely walk, they have diabetes and high blood pressure and take period pills. They see six different doctors for each element and I doubt that the doctors confer with each other regarding the best course of action for their patient.

I know that being healthy is the way to go and I keep moving in that direction but I really don’t want to be obsessive and I see so many people on a daily basis that are obsessed about their diets and/or workouts. I can’t be bothered that much so that the diet and exercise take over my life.

To tell the truth I would just like a good night’s sleep.


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