You’re a mean one Ms Grinch

I really don’t think I’m a Grinch but I have to say that now that it is December 26th I am so glad that the Christmas season is over.

Perhaps it’s the fatigue that it started before Halloween this year. All of my radio stations we’re playing Christmas music all day for what seems like over a month already. The stores were full of Christmas. I’ve already stated before on multiple occasions that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of this season and yet it was barely a blip on social media and in the stores.

Perhaps it is the fact that as a Jew I just don’t have any skin in this game. Honestly it doesn’t mean anything to me. I have called Christmas the most boring day of the year for years. For me, the only advantage is that nobody emails me or call me with legal questions. It may be one of the only days of the year that I am NOT contacted by some client that seems to think I work 24/7 365 days a year. So call it 364 days a year.

I have already cut down my Facebook usage and this weekend just brought it home. Almost every post was of someone’s Christmas tree, someone’s Christmas dinner, pictures of family posing together, often in ugly Christmas sweaters. I am really over it. How many pictures of Christmas cookies can I possibly look at? Is it Grinch-like to say that it’s really boring?

So what did I do on Christmas Day? I did two loads of laundry. I scrubbed the toilet. I cleaned out the linen closet. I started to do some other straightening and then I got tired. So I continue to read a book I’m reading about Chanukah. I read a few magazines. I caught up on a lot of television. Have I ever mentioned how much I like having a DVR?

Still does this make me a Grinch or merely someone who is weary of the march of Christmas? I wonder if it will start in July next year. Happy holidays y’all.


The Long Election Cycle

Surprise! This is not really a political post. It is about two things: how long this election cycle seems to be and how weary I already am of it; and my questioning of the DNC and its debate schedule.

I am incredibly weary of this election cycle. We’ve been at it for over six months and the elections still isn’t until November of 2016. Every other news story seems to be about the GOP and especially Donald Trump. I will unequivocally state here (and you can call this my political statement if you wish) that Donald Trump is a bombastic buffoon and I honestly cannot believe that people will vote for him.

That said, what really boggles my mind is how he has sucked the air out of all forms of media such that he has overtaken It. Even my most conservative friends cannot say that the liberal media is ignoring the GOP because all media in my opinion has been about Donald Trump of late.

It would be hard to say you have no idea who Donald Trump is or what he stands for. You don’t have to like him to admit that the marketing is brilliant.  That the traditional and non-traditional news sources have bought into it baffles me.

It is as if there is no other news other than the election (and especially Trump). As I stated earlier, the election itself is still a year away. The important issues will likely be best discussed as we learn who the actual candidates will be – probably in the last few months before the election. I run the risk of totally tuning it out  long before then due to my fatigue over having to hear about every burp uttered by the candidates so early in the election season.

My other issue is that if we are going to have to hear so much about the GOP,  which is doing a great job of keeping the candidates in the news (I may be tired of it but you have to give props where they are due), the DNC is doing a horrible job of getting the news about the three (yes there are 3) Democratic candidates out there.

So far all of the Democratic  debates have been at times that most people are not watching. SATURDAY? Supposedly the debate in Iowa was at the same time as a major Iowa football game. The debate this past Saturday evening was during the Jets vs Cowboys game. Let’s not even think about the fact that it was the Saturday before Christmas. I had to go to our shopping corridor and I have to tell you – people are not watching TV. They are shopping!

I don’t think the DNC is doing a good job of getting the word out about the debates with the Democratic candidates.

I also think, perhaps wrongly but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, that the DNC is not taking Bernie Sanders seriously and has pre-crowned Hillary Clinton. I’m not here to say which candidate I prefer or debate whether Wendy Wasserman Schultz’s  fervor for Hillary is appropriate at this juncture of the campaign cycle. I don’t think it’s germaine to my comments. It is important however that the DNC allow the candidates to sort themselves out and not lean towards one or the other. It’s too early to do otherwise.

How can anyone make a decision about a Democratic candidate if the DNC does not have the debates at a time that people will actually watch? The Republican Committee has managed to have their debates at times that people are watching TV – Democrats, Republicans, (gasp) Independents. You know those people who are undecided? How can an undecided voter make a decision if they can’t see their choices, ALL of their choices. O’Malley anyone?

It’s going to be very long election cycle and I cannot say that I’m very happy about it. It’s much too early for me to say this but I will – I wish the election were over already.


I’ve been thinking about trust a lot lately. In the last few weeks I’ve learned that two couples I am well acquainted with are getting divorced. One couple has been married a few decades. The other couple I’ve only heard about through third parties and not from either of them. There there may have been an interloper involved and I probably know that person as well.

It has had me thinking about relationships a lot lately, the entire subject of trust and how to determine whom to trust. Trust is a bit of a slippery slope.

So today I turn on the TV and Super Soul Sessions is on the OWN network. There’s  Brene Brown talking about trust and she says that trust is built in very small moments, not big moments. It’s developed a little at a time.

She developed an acronym called braving and I encourage you to read about this acronym to understand what makes for trust:

Boundaries, reliability, accountability, vault, integrity, non-judgment, and  generosity.

As usual, the Universe has been helping me figure out how I feel about trust. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. I was heartsick about some of this divorce news and then there is the incomparable Dr.  Brene Brown staring at me from the TV screen just in the nick of time.

She has, as usual, given me a lot to think about.

She said the “vault” rocked her to the core. It rocked me to the core also. Here’s what that’s all about:

Is what I tell you sacrosanct and safe? Because if you tell me a secret that isn’t yours to tell, a secret that belongs to someone else to tell, can I trust you? Are you reliable? Can I trust that if I tell you something  secret you will keep it close to your heart and not share it out of turn?

As a lawyer I keep many secrets and sometimes it’s very difficult. It is really difficult in a small town. You know so many of the people involved in these dramas and you smile at them and say “Hi! How are you?,” all the while knowing a lot more than you care to know. There are times when I really want to tell somebody because I think I will bust, and then I think “who are they going to tell?”. But I can’t tell anyone. I have to keep it in and I do.

Yet how many times have I been told secrets by other people who said to me that they were telling me something secret but I needed to keep it quiet. Brene Brown asks, “Can I trust that person with my information, with my secret?” That’s the concept of “vault”. Locking it away and keeping it Fort Knox safe.

The past few weeks has me asking, can I trust a person who will cheat on a loving spouse? What about the third party, who in this instance I introduced to others as a lovely and good person. I feel hoodwinked. Should I? I am doubting myself because of this. I wonder if I should have seen it coming, seen behind the curtain.

I will have to keep thinking about this because I think it is very difficult topic.

If you get an opportunity, watch Brene Brown on  Super Soul Sessions  as well as her TED talks.  They will give you something to think about. I looked up Brene Brown’s talk on Super Soul Sessions (all the sessions are on the website here). You can see Dr. Brene’s talk here.

I will continue to contemplate this concept of trust.