You’re a mean one Ms Grinch

I really don’t think I’m a Grinch but I have to say that now that it is December 26th I am so glad that the Christmas season is over.

Perhaps it’s the fatigue that it started before Halloween this year. All of my radio stations we’re playing Christmas music all day for what seems like over a month already. The stores were full of Christmas. I’ve already stated before on multiple occasions that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of this season and yet it was barely a blip on social media and in the stores.

Perhaps it is the fact that as a Jew I just don’t have any skin in this game. Honestly it doesn’t mean anything to me. I have called Christmas the most boring day of the year for years. For me, the only advantage is that nobody emails me or call me with legal questions. It may be one of the only days of the year that I am NOT contacted by some client that seems to think I work 24/7 365 days a year. So call it 364 days a year.

I have already cut down my Facebook usage and this weekend just brought it home. Almost every post was of someone’s Christmas tree, someone’s Christmas dinner, pictures of family posing together, often in ugly Christmas sweaters. I am really over it. How many pictures of Christmas cookies can I possibly look at? Is it Grinch-like to say that it’s really boring?

So what did I do on Christmas Day? I did two loads of laundry. I scrubbed the toilet. I cleaned out the linen closet. I started to do some other straightening and then I got tired. So I continue to read a book I’m reading about Chanukah. I read a few magazines. I caught up on a lot of television. Have I ever mentioned how much I like having a DVR?

Still does this make me a Grinch or merely someone who is weary of the march of Christmas? I wonder if it will start in July next year. Happy holidays y’all.


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