My thoughts on being home bound

Now that Snowzilla is basically over, I thought I’d share some ideas that started forming last Friday evening. I was reading my Facebook newsfeed when these ideas started forming, and I have been giving it some serious thought ever since.

It started when I noticed that just a few hours after the snow started my friends were complaining about cabin fever. What I realized is that I am perfectly OK with being alone for a few days. Let’s start with the fact that the snow really didn’t get on the way until after lunch time on Friday and I had been to the grocery store that morning, so it’s not like I had been housebound on Friday evening for hours and hours and hours. So I really did an awful lot of head scratching when people I knew were complaining of being stir crazy by 7 p.m. Friday evening.

By Saturday, with a great deal of snow on the ground and more coming, I had friends actively seeking restaurants and bars that were open. Perhaps I don’t get the idea of going out in a blizzard and walking 6 to 8 blocks in the snow to sit in a bar and drink. I suppose there is the Cheers-like atmosphere that people crave. Perhaps I just don’t have that gene in me because I was perfectly content to be home with a movie, a book, and a cup of tea. I certainly didn’t want to spend $6 on a hard apple cider that I had in my refrigerator and cost me the equivalent of a buck and a half (and that I wasn’t in the mood to drink – that need to hit the liquor store before a storm? What’s that about?); I also wasn’t up to eating a burger for $10 when I could make delicious food at home.

Like I said, I’m probably missing that Cheers gene. Certainly to each his own.

On Sunday, I was content to go stand outside and talk to the neighbors, and then retreat to the warmth of my home for another movie.

Don’t get me wrong. By Tuesday if I’m not dug out, I’ll probably feel a little crazy. But it’s only a few days and I live alone, unlike others who have husbands, wives, partners, and children living with them. They have people to talk to regularly.

Ultimately, this really isn’t about the snow, or anyone else’s way of dealing with it. It’s about me feeling comfortable enough in my own skin to be alone and not feel lonely. I realized, not for the first time, that while I enjoy being around people as most people can easily observe when they are around me, I am content with my own company. Puttering around the house and getting things accomplished that my normal life makes difficult at times, is actually blissful.

Yes. I said blissful. Even I didn’t think I would think that way about laundry. I don’t feel rushed or harried. I know I have time to accomplish whatever it is I want to do because I have nowhere to go. Most importantly,  I have time to rest. I get so little time to do that. Not being on any schedule. Not having to get dressed beyond a pair of yoga pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt is wonderful. Just getting to be is what is so blissful.

And that is a good thing.


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