Go Fund Me and Please Send $$

dollar-499481_1280Anyone that knows me knows I donate my time and money on a regular basis. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I honestly do not get the constant barrage of people asking for donations for money online and off.

Help fund my brother’s surgery. Help pay for my father’s funeral. Help pay for my dog’s hip replacement.

Today I got a letter from someone I don’t know, but likely knew I donated to a particular local charity, asking for a donation for softball scholarships so girls could go to a softball tournament. Dear person, the letter went in the trash. If you want me to donate money to you perhaps you should ask me personally and not send me an unsolicited letter. Years ago, someone I barely know asked me to give them $100 for a trip her daughter was taking. I was flabbergasted. If she had asked for $10 I likely would have helped but it seemed like a lot of chutzpah for someone I really don’t know to ask for such a sum.

Why you ask? I get asked for donations at home and at the office on an almost daily basis. I can’t donate to everyone no matter how much asking or pleading happens.  Frankly, if I gave to everyone that asked, I’d need a Go Fund Me account myself. If the Red Cross asks for donations because of a disaster, well of course! Otherwise I make my donation decisions in December for the following year and with few exceptions, I stick to it.

Am I being too harsh? How do you determine to whom you give your donations?


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