My Thoughts 2 Days Before the Election 

Here we are 2 days before the election and I have a few thoughts. These thoughts are brought on by a statement made on Meet the Press this morning.

The statement made was that basically if Trump does not win the election on Tuesday the Republican party will not be able to just go back to business as usual. It will have to really think about why their constituents chose Trump over 15 other potential candidates. Because that is what the Republican party is now.

This got me thinking about the fact that even the Democrats ultimately chose what appear to be two very different candidates and rejected a third out of hand.

In my view, Hillary Clinton is right of center and  Bernie Sanders is considerby left of center. Martin O’Malley was in the race and I considered him a dead center moderate and he was outright rejected by   Democrats during the primaries. 

Republicans had 16 choices, some way off on the right and some much more moderate, like John Kasich. Honestly I’ve never been able to figure out what Donald Trump it is on a spectrum because he’s kind of just out there in my opinion. He has, to my mind,  just appealed to hatred and I don’t think  that marks him  as a liberal or conservative. Or really even as a Republican. It’s only that the Republicans chose him as their presidential candidate that has him labeled as a Republican.

So when I go back to that statement from Meet the Press I think that both parties need to look at why the people that were chosen were, and what that means about us as a populous.

I’ve always been left of center (but not  all the way) on social issues and pretty much dead center on fiscal issues. I guess you’d call me moderate. When I take all of those stupid online tests my political leanings fall in line with Democrats but I always have voted for the person and the individual candidates who are running and what that candidate’s platform is. I recently  voted for and campaigned for the Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates  because it was the right thing to do. This is the first election in many years however, that I feel honor-bound to vote a straight party ticket.

And that means Democrat all the way. 

My undergraduate college degree is in political science with a minor in sociology. I enjoy the study of politics and government and studying how people act as groups. What I have seen over the last year boggles my mind.

Was Hillary Clinton who I pulled the lever for in the primary? I’m not telling. Would Bernie Sanders have  been a better choice? We will never know.

What I feel in my heart however is that Donald Trump and his misogynistic and racist viewpoints have brought out a very ugly side of people – on both sides of the aisle – and it makes me sick to my stomach. I never thought  I’d see  the rise of the KKK and the Nazis in America at this time in my life and have my friends and neighbors act as if it wasn’t happening.

I have often wondered what our Founding Fathers believed when they set up the Electoral College and a republic instead of a true democracy. For the first time since my first presidential vote in 1980, I am grateful that James Madison crafted what has become our Electoral College. It may be the only thing between us as the United States and what we have seen in other countries who  wanted revolution and instead, have dissolved into anarchy.

I hope that on Wednesday November 9th Americans band together and work together to keep our country  strong. Until I see something that remotely appears as a coming together and consensus,  I fear that I will continue to have a sickness in my stomach.


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