And Lawyers Are Money Grubbing?

Just got an EOB from my insurance company regarding an annual physical. I spent 10 minutes with the doctor (although I was waiting a lot longer). The doctor charged $170 for that 10 minutes and was paid by the insurance company $140. Now let’s assume she actually saw 5 more patients that hour (1 patient every 10 minutes). Extrapolating, she charged $1020 an hour and got paid $840 for the hour. I assume she actually met with 3 other patients ($680 an hour charged and $560 an hour paid). Even allowing for the staff time checking me in and out, sending over a prescription, weighing me (actually I weigh myself and they record the amount) and taking my BP, that’s a lot of hourly wage. And they say that lawyers are overpaid! Huh!

(This is not a statement about the care. I’m fine with it for what it was and what I intended it to be.)


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