The Current State of Affairs Called Television

I am not one of those people who likes to say that I don’t own a TV or that I never watch TV or that I don’t like TV or that I don’t have time for TV. I am definitely one of those people that will spend a little bit of time every day watching something on television as a means of unwinding. And I probably still read more than most people.

Every year when new shows come out I make a point to DVR the pilot of those shows that sound interesting to me. Needless to say many of them are disappointing but occasionally a show stands out.

This Is Us is one of those shows. The fact that I didn’t see that we were dealing in multiple decades took me by surprise. The storyline is wonderful and so is the acting. I am totally taken with this show. I’m happy to report that the public is taken with it also. Usually  shows like this don’t seem to make it.

The show that I wanted to like is MacGyver. I loved the original MacGyver. While the show is pleasant I can’t say that I like this show and want to take the time to watch it. I am apparently in a minority however as it appears the general public loves it.

Another show that is new and that I really, really wanted to be good is Bull. Michael Weatherly is a favorite actor of mine. I have seen every episode of NCIS ever put on television and I wanted to like this show. I really like this show. From my perspective, it shows that Michael Weatherly is just a damn good actor.

I also liked the show Better Things when I started watching it but over time I’ve given up on it.

 Timeless has grown  on me and I continue to  watch every week. 

As for Westworld, until this week I had seen only  2 episodes and the rest was on DVR. It is an unusual show and while I like science fiction I wasn’t really warming to it despite thst I kept reading what a great show it was. It took binge watching episodes 3 through 9 to see the bigger picture.  I don’t like having to binge watch anything to see where a serial is heading.  I think a show is in one-hour increments for a reason. Having to binge watch a series  to find the meaning and enjoyment in a show is self-defeating. Nonetheless I enjoy this show a great deal. Stick with it. You won’t be disappointed . 

Notorious is a pleasant show. Will I continue watching it when it comes back in January? Not sure. 

Pure Genius bored me (and apparently everyone else – I believe it’s been canceled).

I only watched one episode of The Good Place. Everyone likes it. But not me. Someone tell me why I should. 

I am seriously enjoying The Durells on Corfu, a short series on Masterpiece. I also enjoyed Indian Summers on Masterpiece which just ended after 20 episodes.

My favorite show is still NCIS. I wonder what this says about me. 😀 

Actually my favorite show is this. I never tire of watching this boy  sleep. 


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