I had never seen this word before. Believe me when I tell you that I have a really good command of the English language and vocabulary.

So I looked the word up and discovered that it’s British in origin and considered derogatory.

In a sentence: “I can be rather twee about the use of my grandmother’s dishes, and old photographs.”

Twee means excessively quaint or sentimental.

Upon further examination I found an article in The Atlantic discussing Marc Spitz the author of Twee: The Gentle Revolution in Music, Books, Television, Fashion, and Film. According to this article Spitz sees Twee as “the most powerful youth movement since Punk and Hip-Hop.””You’re Twee if you like artisanal hot sauce. You’re Twee if you hate bullies. Indeed, it’s Spitz’s contention that we’re all a bit Twee: the culture has turned. Twee’s core values include “a healthy suspicion of adulthood”; “a steadfast focus on our essential goodness”; “the cultivation of a passion project” (T-shirt company, organic food truck); and “the utter dispensing with of ‘cool’ as it’s conventionally known, often in favor of a kind of fetishization of the nerd, the geek, the dork, the virgin.””

Honestly, if calling me twee is derogatory, then I’m okay with that. I’m hardly a youth. I’ve lived long enough to believe that there’s something to be said for looking for and nurturing a person’s goodness, as well as your own, and cultivating projects you can be passionate about. If being suspicious of adulthood means being suspicious of doing things that we should or need to do “just because” then I’m suspicious. I spent most of my life doing what I was supposed to do and I can attest that it does not automatically bring you happiness, financial security, or what you desire. I hardly think that it is festishization to  wave the flag proudly if you are a geek, nerd, or dork. I’ve been one all my life and joke that I’m such a nerd I am now cool.

I hardly think of myself as overly quaint or sentimental. Maybe our society could use a little quaint sentimentality.

Just a thought.



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