Stress and negativity

Last week I had a very bizarre dream. In the dream a person, I assume me,  was having a bowel movement. Now I realize this is very disgusting to discuss but follow me here. The dream was pretty graphic and you could see the poop coming out. Like sticky  fudge mix. Yes it was disgusting.

When I woke, I decided to look up what this meant in a dream. Every source agreed. In all of its forms, having a bowel movement in a dream has to do with stress and negativity.

I did not find this unusual considering everything that has been going on in my life of late.

But the dream got me to thinking on a deeper level.

I thought about people that wallow in their  black and negative thoughts. Those people that if a glass is half-full, will always see the half-empty part. Those people that are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Those people that can not see goodness or love because all they know, or all they think they know, is that bad things always happen to them. Even when most of their life is good, all they see are the few bad things that have happened to them in their lives.

What I’ve determined is that these people relish this dark and bleak outlook. Even when something good is staring them right in the face they cannot accept it. They cannot embrace it as a way out to some place better.

If feces in a dream is a representation of stress and negativity,  these people continue to sit in their own filth, and even when offered the assistance that will allow them to step into cleanliness (so to speak),  to goodness,  to happiness, to positivity, to the light, they would rather continue to sit in their own sick and filth than to accept the hand that would lift them out.

I just don’t understand that. I have had very bad things happen in my life and yet I continue to want to see the goodness and the light. I’m not saying that I’m Pollyanna and that I am always in a good mood. I have those things that are dark about me and sometimes it is very hard for me to see past my own fears and negative thoughts. I’ve  been known to wallow a time or two. But I do try to remove myself from that place. I actively seek positive and good people. I actively seek advice. I actively have put myself in counseling when I thought it would be helpful. I actively sought, and continue to seek, my well-being.

So I cannot understand those people, those seemingly intelligent people who refuse  to do anything but wallow in their black hearts as if they have no other option. Who will not accept aid from those that only seek to help and comfort them and assist in lifting them into a better place.

I saw my poop dream as a sign, that while I have had a lot of stress and negativity in my life lately, to look for the ladder out of the pit of my own filth. So that I can reach a better place. 

It may take time but baby steps are still steps forward and up.


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