My Life  hasn’t gone as I planned. I often say that when you make plans, God laughs. Lately I feel like the punchline of a joke. God laughed.

I thought I’d get married, have a few kids. Adopt  at least one more.  I’d be that combo of Earth Mother and savvy lawyer… raising my kids on homemade bread and homegrown vegetables, and practice law and write my novel as well. All in a perfect calm world.

Here’s life:  No lasting marriage. No man at all lately. The man I love doesn’t love me.  No children. Currently no garden. Probable celiac disease (no more homemade bread).  A textbook published but no novel.

Life is nothing like I planned.

I know I need to set some serious goals for the future. Things have changed so much in the last 6 months that it’s beyond obvious that I can’t maintain as I’ve been.

Feeling untethered (but not unburdened).


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  1. From what I have seen I think you have had a good, full life until recently. Loosing your father and not having a partner is difficult any way you look at it.New goals is exactly what you need. I look forward to hearing about them. I love you, Georgia

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