Happy New Year

Lest those reading these blog posts of mine think that I am only thinking in the negative lately, let me pontificate on those things in my life that are good.

Don’t get me wrong. The last 6 months have been absolutely horrible in so many ways. So much loss and so much sadness. I have felt such pits of despair and climbing out of this dark and forbidding hole is very difficult and occasionally I slide back a little.

But it is important for me to unequivocally acknowledge those things in my life that are good.

So the first thing I am grateful for are those people that have truly stood by me and supported me through this dark time. The love and support of these people is immeasurable. Priceless. Words are inadequate to express the deep and abiding love I have for those that have lent me a hand up and a box of Kleenex when necessary.

Despite the difficulties of the year, and actually working fewer hours when my dad lived with me, I’ve had the best year in business ever.

This has taught me a great deal about the universe providing when needed. It has taught me a great deal about myself and the foundation that I laid through a great deal of hard work and networking over the last number of years.

It is also taught me first-hand about what we read all the time, that we need to work smarter not harder. Because that’s exactly what I had to learn to do. When I work, I work extraordinarily hard. When necessary I put in long hours. But I don’t waste much time anymore. Almost everything I do now has a purpose. If there is no purpose for a task, I jettisoned it. There is more paring down coming in the new year and I am confident that the changes, both small and large, will benefit my business, my clients, and my networking partners. And of course it is and will continue to benefit me both personally and professionally.

I know I complain about being one-armed after surgery, but I am grateful that the damage to my shoulder was not as bad as they thought. I am grateful that my recovery should not be as onerous as anticipated.

I’ve  “acquired” a 21 year old godson. I’ve never had the opportunity to be a mother and I don’t believe I’ve ever blogged about why. Perhaps I will someday but for now it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I truly believe that this has been my opportunity to be a positive adult influence in a young person’s life and I cherish that opportunity.

I seem to have found my creative voice again. For those that don’t know, I spent years writing. I published my first poem when I was 14 years old. I also paint and draw and take  photographs. But over the years I have let all of those things fall by the wayside. During this last number of months I seem to have awakened that creativeness and my need to express myself is great.

The last year has taught me more than anything about my strength and resilience. My friend, Marilyn,  tells me regularly how proud she is of me because of this strength and resilience . My friend, Jenn, told me last week that I was very brave. I replied that I don’t feel very brave, and indeed, I don’t right at this moment. But I know and feel a core of strength in me that will prevail. I suppose I could start singing I Will Survive at this time, but I won’t <smile>. I will just say that my ability to get up  after being knocked down is strong in me. There is no shame in the struggle. I am not giving up and I take great pride in my resilience and ability to put one foot in front of the other and keep marching.

Happy New Year. May this year be good  for all who read this blog.


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