Make time for tea

This is my biggest goal starting today. 

It’s certainly not a lofty goal. I’m not trying to lose 60 pounds  or raise a million dollars  or any of the  many intense  “resolutions” that people tend to make it this time of year . Sounds a little deflated doesn’t it?

Yet it is anything but. 

I can hear my English friend, Andy, saying tea is disgusting in any color or form. 

Making time for tea is not about tea.

Making time for tea is about taking that 10 or 20 or 30 minutes each day and decompressing with a soothing hot cup of something. I prefer tea but you may prefer coffee. It can be cider or it can be hot cocoa. But it is everything about wrapping your hands around that warm mug and just taking a deep breath.

I used to do this every morning but as my days began starting earlier and earlier, I realized that I couldn’t get up earlier and earlier as well without losing sleep. So my mornings became frenetic and that quiet 20 minutes over a cup of steaming tea faded into something I used to do.

Plus I was working later in the evenings as well, so I wasn’t taking that time when I got home either. There is taking care of cats and doing laundry and making dinner and exercise and and and…. There is always something else to do.

So my goal of making time for tea is about making time to allow that meditative moment where it’s always quiet and I can ponder things that need to be thought about, or I can just allow myself to be in the moment and not think about much of anything. Like I said it’s just about giving myself time to breathe.

Of all the personal goals I can set for myself this year, I think this one is a really, really good idea.


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