Sweetpea Update

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to find out how SP is doing.

So first thing is that SP has a tumor in his lung and his tail is a metastasis of the cancer which is likely a carcinoma. According to the veterinary oncologist, a cancer in a cat that has metastasized will not respond to traditional chemotherapy. For that reason we are not doing traditional chemotherapy. Lung cancer that has metastasized in cats, without any treatment, has a very poor prognosis of six months or less and we honestly do not know when this started.

BUT we have decided to do a fairly new treatment call Palladia. It has had very good results in both dogs and cats and is in a pill form which I give him. If after a period of time, his tumor is stable or shrinking we will take that as it working and continue. If the tumor grows and/or he starts getting more metastases, we will stop. We will know very quickly if this treatment works – about 1 month.

SP likely also has another type of cancer because he has a mass in his abdomen. The decision was made, after consultations with the oncologist and the surgeon, that doing surgery to biopsy his intestines and the mass in his abdomen at this juncture does not make any sense because we know he has the other cancer. We will reevaluate that depending upon how well he does regarding his lung cancer. For now it was determined that making him have surgery and the risks involved with surgery did not make any sense.

So please say your prayers for my little boy. If he continues to eat and doesn’t lose any more weight, and if the tumor stay stable or shrinks, he will continue with his treatment. If he stops eating or loses weight or if the tumor grows (or all three) then we will keep him comfortable until that is not a possibility, and then I will have to do the adult and the humane thing and take away his suffering.

Right now he has no pain. It helps that he is on what I call kitty morphine, but is actually a low dose analgesic which he gets orally by mouth 3 times a day. He is still alert and bright-eyed and frankly, acting a lot like his normal self. His doctors and I see this as a very good sign.

One day at a time. Picture of SP in better days. I love watching him sleep so peacefully. 


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