Uptick in Threats to Jewish Communities

69 JCCs have had bomb threats since January.  I am not anti-media like many others. So I will give kudos to NBC Nightly News and Lester Holt for having the latest round (yesterday 11 threats) on the news last night as the 3rd story. 

However I was monitoring online for a few hours yesterday and until 6:30 last night not one news source I went to had any news about the latest round of threats. Not one. I got my info from an email from the JCC in Northern Virginia, which was not threatened.  News feeds from St. Louis, Alabama, and Houston, which were threatened, had news, as did the Jerusalem Post. This morning, CBS This Morning had the story at 7:13 am, after numerous other stories.   CNN.com now has a section on its home page about an uptick in threats to Jewish communities, which includes vandalism in Jewish cemeteries. MSNBC.com had nothing on its home page. BBC News had something as its 5th article on its home page. The Washington Post has a feature story on its home page. Fox News has one article, about Ivanka Trump’s tweet last night about these acts. The article on Fox News is buried on its home page. I even looked at Breitbart. Nothing there. No surprise.

While the first daughter has spoken, our president has yet to say anything about any of these acts other than to say that he’s not an antisemite. I wish HE had tweeted what she did. Will it help? I don’t think it would hurt. It certainly would be more helpful than berating a reporter for Ami Magazine (Orthodox Jewish magazine) for asking what the government was going to do to help stop these threats. It is good to know that, at least now, the FBI, DOJ, and Homeland Security are investigating.

When I was young my mom told me very plainly that there are those in this world that will dislike and hate me for being a Jew and that I had to get up when knocked down by them and keep moving on. I’ve been actively proselytized and questioned, called a non-believer and an atheist  (for not believing in Jesus). I’ve been asked about my horns and told with all innocence that I couldn’t be Jewish because I was pretty. I’ve sat quietly while people at luncheons, and even clients, have made antisemitic remarks, either not realizing I was Jewish or just not caring that I am.

But this disturbs me more than anything ever has in all my years. What is our country becoming? Friends ask why I’m fearful. They don’t understand the fear.

They don’t understand that Jewish Community Centers are not only  places of socialization and culture, but often serve as day care centers and pre-schools. Those evacuations are of our children. Some are babies in cribs!

What do people need to understand the fear? Is this enough or do these threats, thus far all hoaxes, need to turn violent before they will try to understand what it is like to be a Jew in this country?


SP Update

Thanks to everyone who asks how SP is doing.

Last week the oncologist told me that his lung tumor has shrunk from 7 cm to 4 cm. That is excellent news!!! He also told me that his tail bone is showing some signs of formation and isn’t as “fuzzy” (sorry that’s my interpretation of his medical diagnosis). Basically, the tail is showing some healing.

SP’s weight is stable and I was instructed to feed him a higher calorie wet food. The one he likes has liver in it. Good God, the stuff STINKS! But he eats it and that’s what matters.

I’m supposed to take him back off the analgesic tomorrow and see if he starts limping again. If not, great but if he does, I’ll put him back on the pain meds. The doctor would like to see him off the pain meds if at all possible so fingers crossed.

We have no idea what the tumor/mass in his abdomen is doing and it’s possible it’s growing. But for now, we are just staying the course with the cancer we can treat easily, if you can consider trying to give a cat a pill easy.

Hint — it’s not — he’s such a stinker. He spits up his anti-nausea drug every chance he gets, even after I’m certain he’s swallowed it. He fights me on the analgesic, which is a liquid that is squirted into his mouth. Yes, sometimes I get spit on. Somehow, the cancer drug he takes without too much complaint and I haven’t found any little blue ┬áPalladia pills laying around the house so he’s not secretly spitting them up.

We’re 5 weeks into this and so far so good. Time will tell.

Thanks for letting me share this with you.

The Young Pope

I just finished the 10th episode of what HBO called a limited edition series called the Young Pope with Jude Law as the Pope. It was highly recommended so I decided to watch it.
I kept watching it hoping for something. But I have to tell you that while I didn’t not like it I wasn’t terribly positively overwhelmed by it either. I kept watching it waiting for something better to happen and now I have spent all these hours being underwhelmed.

Apparently there is a second season of it coming (limited series my tuches). I believe I’m going to take a pass.

If I am Silent

I saw this meme on Facebook today and I liked it.


Then I thought about it.

I can be quiet (really, don’t laugh!). It could be for no other reason than I need to be alone with myself. I deal with people all day long and sometimes, a little quiet is a treat, you know? I actually like time alone.

Sometimes, I’m quiet because I’m thinking something through. You may think that what pops out of my mouth is out of the blue, but most times, I’ve been mulling it over for quite a while. So what you think is some wild, crazy idea, is something I’ve been planning for perhaps months. That took a lot of silence.

Sometimes, I really don’t want to talk to you. I could be angry. Most likely I am responding to your lack of contact. The more you don’t contact me, the more I’m likely to stop contacting you. I may try for a bit and when there’s little or no positive result, I just walk away. No fuss. No fight. Just disappear. I’m kind of surprised when someone who doesn’t contact me for a long time and then does is miffed that I’m noncommittal. I know. I know. We all have busy lives, but if I have made a life despite your absence, you calling is not necessarily going to make me shout with glee “Oh! Welcome back!”. Maybe I’ve been doing just fine.

In most cases, the odds are in your favor that I’m just chillin’ and I want to talk to you. But maybe you woke me. Or I’ve been reading. Either of those may get a little silence from me initially because my mind is far away. Give me a chance to wake up and find my voice.

Talk to you soon.