SP Update

Thanks to everyone who asks how SP is doing.

Last week the oncologist told me that his lung tumor has shrunk from 7 cm to 4 cm. That is excellent news!!! He also told me that his tail bone is showing some signs of formation and isn’t as “fuzzy” (sorry that’s my interpretation of his medical diagnosis). Basically, the tail is showing some healing.

SP’s weight is stable and I was instructed to feed him a higher calorie wet food. The one he likes has liver in it. Good God, the stuff STINKS! But he eats it and that’s what matters.

I’m supposed to take him back off the analgesic tomorrow and see if he starts limping again. If not, great but if he does, I’ll put him back on the pain meds. The doctor would like to see him off the pain meds if at all possible so fingers crossed.

We have no idea what the tumor/mass in his abdomen is doing and it’s possible it’s growing. But for now, we are just staying the course with the cancer we can treat easily, if you can consider trying to give a cat a pill easy.

Hint — it’s not — he’s such a stinker. He spits up his anti-nausea drug every chance he gets, even after I’m certain he’s swallowed it. He fights me on the analgesic, which is a liquid that is squirted into his mouth. Yes, sometimes I get spit on. Somehow, the cancer drug he takes without too much complaint and I haven’t found any little blue  Palladia pills laying around the house so he’s not secretly spitting them up.

We’re 5 weeks into this and so far so good. Time will tell.

Thanks for letting me share this with you.


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