Keeping in Touch

I actually correspond with paper and ink with my friend Mo. The letters back and forth are irregular but it’s how we “talk”. I met Mo through her husband, Rick. Rick and I have been friends since we were 18. I love the opportunity to write these notes back and forth with her.

Recently she sent me 2 letters which were numbered “part one” and “part two”. Unfortunately part two came two days before part one! (Hello USPS!) While I was devouring these letters, I was reading an old magazine (part of my spring cleaning) that gave advice about how to write a letter, calling it a sweet pasttime.

I can tell you that letter writing is worth it. I send handwritten birthday cards to clients and friends. I’ll occasionally send a handwritten note to someone “just because”. 

Maybe I’m a dinosaur but I truly enjoy the feel of paper and pen. I can attest however that finding stationery is difficult, and when I do find it, it’s often very pricey,  as if only the wealthy can afford stationery. Blank note cards are easier to find.

So when I find nice but affordable stationery I stock up. 

And then I sit down and write a letter.

Text and picture are copyright 2017 Suzan D. Herskowitz.


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