Somewhere Over The Rainbow

UPDATE:Sweetpea died on the way to the vet. He was in the front seat and I was petting him. Taking care of “funeral arrangements”. This is horrible.  Thank you everyone for your notes and texts. Cancer sucks.

Sweetpea has not been doing well. I’ve seen it coming over the last few days. He’s stopped eating and drinking. He’s not meeting me at the front door and he sleeps all the time. I know what you’re thinking – cats sleep a lot. This is beyond even a cat’s normal sleeping pattern.

It is obvious he has pain and nausea that his medication is no longer taking care of.

About 4 a.m. this morning he was making odd clicking noises and sounded like he needed to throw up but there was nothing to throw up. He was laying on the cold bathroom floor. I removed him from the bathroom floor and he insisted on continuing to lay on the wood floor which I have to tell you is quite chilly.

I got a large beach towel and folded it in half and he did lay on that. Then I proceeded to lay down next to him.

After a bit we both went and laid back down in the bed. It is obvious that he is uncomfortable. I spoke with the oncologist and they agreed that the time has come and that treatment will only prolong his suffering which I know I do not want for him

So I sit here writing this and crying for my loss because 13 years with this beautiful little boy has been my privilege. The Rainbow Bridge is gaining a prince later today.

This picture was taken just a few days ago. I thought about posting a picture from when he was hale and hearty but I really want people to know that animals get cancer and that it does horrible things to them as well. I thank Dr. Rogers Fred and Kim Fred for their caring approach to SP’s treatment. Both Dr. Holly Phelps at Veterinary Surgical Centers and Dr Jennifer Lauer and the staff at  Valley Veterinary Emergency Center were wonderful and caring.

Goodbye my sweet and loving companion. If it is possible to have a pet that is the love of your life,  this little boy has been it.  


3 thoughts on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  1. This is an almost unbearable loss. I am so sorry you’re having to go through this. But you are absolutely doing the right think, and being his loving, loyal companion in doing so. I grieve with you. I’ve been through it and while it is always, always hard, it is all the more so when it is a friend who has touched our souls the way Sweetpea has touched yours.

    • Thank you Toni. The house is weird without him. I have my dad’s 2 cats but they are not SP. I went through this 17 years ago but Sweetpea was a special boy.

  2. My Mollie is a 17 yr old cameo Tabby. I am so blessed having Her and I dread the day the Rainbow will be in sight for Her. But like you I will let Her peacefully go in Her way. Thinking of you.

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