Alabama — By the Numbers

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve got something up my sleeve. A project. More to come in the next few months.

But I thought that after yesterday’s nail-biter of an election in Alabama, I would give my 2¢.


My Bachelor’s is in Political Science and I have a law degree, so I find all of the politics very interesting, even without all of the emotions that get everybody (myself included) knotted up. The political scientist in me is very interested in the numbers. I am not going to discuss how over 600,000 people could vote for a man that is likely a pedophile instead of the “liberal” (okay, I guess I just did, although discussing it further gives me heartburn and makes me immensely sad).

Here’s what I saw with the numbers. Doug Jones won the election by 20,000 votes. But what was most interesting were the 22,000 votes by mostly Republicans that wrote-in a candidate’s name instead of voting for Moore or Jones.

What this tells me is that while Jones, the Democrat, won this election, a solid Republican candidate has a very good chance of winning during the next election because it is likely those 22,000 write-ins will go back “to the fold”.

It seems to me that Jones, who I am sure will run during the next regular election, will have to do a stellar job  in office (although it may not be enough) and everyone that voted for Jones this time will have to make a concerted effort to vote in that next election as well. Plus an additional 25,000+ will have to step up and vote for Jones or he will be sent home.