Iris Watch Part Dos

My irises are starting to bloom! I am so very excited!  Is it normal to feel so giddy about irises blooming in one’s yard?

Yes. Yes I believe so.




Iris Bloom Watch

I am patiently waiting for my irises to bloom.

For many people this wouldn’t seem like a big deal but to me, it is most definitely a very big deal.

First, these are the only rhizomes I managed to get out of the frozen ground before I moved from my house 3 years ago.

Second, they came from my stepmom’s garden and I am one of those sentimental fools that likes having things from those I love. Phyllis has been gone for 8 years and it means a lot to me to have her irises. She loved flowers in her garden maybe even more than I do.

Third, they are old fashioned Victorian irises and will be GORGEOUS when they bloom.

Fourth, the spot is a tad shady and these irises like sun.

Fifth, I’ve been trying to get them to bloom ever since I moved here. The first year they were in a pot in a sunny spot on the back porch. They greened  beautifully but no blooms. The second year I brought them to the back yard but they were still in a pot. I don’t  own this place and I want to preserve them so I avoided planting them. In my old house I had cultivated a number of them and to have just these four, well, I have to preserve them. They greened but again, no blooms.Then the pot broke and I just pulled the shards away and let the rhizomes and soil sit on top of the native soil. The plant didn’t die (yay!) and greened again but still no blooms. This year I have blooms which tells me the plant really didn’t like being in a pot and that the sun is adequate.

So I wait, anxiously anticipating my first blooms since the summer of 2012.

I am so freaking excited!