No More Discounts

Memes. People love to hate them. So many have bad grammar and spelling (and those drive me nuts, I admit!). Some are too facile. There’s absolutely no space for nuance in a meme. Much is left unsaid for lack of space and the need for the meme to be short, sweet, and to the point.

But this one has all the nuance it needs in its one little sentence. It’s a lesson I sorely need to learn even at 56 years old. It’s one that I hope I get before I get so old I trust everyone because I don’t remember anyone or how to put on my own underwear.

Not everyone deserves a place in your life or your heart. Some people can be acquaintances. Some are only business associates. Some are friends of friends and you are cordial. Some are Facebook friends and that’s an entirely new category of “friendship”.┬áSome people need to be standing on the outside in the cold because they truly are bad people.

Others aren’t really bad people but they still need to remain outside because they are bad for you. My friend, Robin, calls these people her “kryptonite”. ┬áThese people are dangerous to you because they appear so friendly and helpful but for whatever reason, they just tear your heart and soul to shreds. Maybe it’s karma. Maybe it’s just a clash of personality. Maybe it’s opposites attract.

No matter what the reason, those people demand discounts on your heart. Stop now! You are worth every single penny. Don’t give away your worth to anyone.

I’m going to start taking my own advice.



When You’ve Been Manipulated

For quite a while I have been told that the object of my desire is a self-centered and selfish man. I have not wanted to believe that. I have defended him every single time. I wrote this in a private entry when I  realized he never considered me as anything else but  “friend zone”.

“I am so tired of being out in the friend zone. I am a WOMAN. I am not just a friend. I don’t want to be “like a sister”. I don’t want to be the friend that is called for a good time but ignored when there’s another woman in the picture. I want to be loved like a woman. I deserve to be treated like a woman. ”

But now the words have poured from his own mouth that it was better (to go out with me) than staying home on a Saturday night. All the while he was pining for someone else and said that he never has thought of me in any way as a long term proposition. I feel very used.  And I do not know what makes me angrier, that he did it or that I allowed it.

So, although it hurts like hell, I’m gonna do this:

And I know I’ve learned an important lesson. I’m going to do my very best to stop wasting my tears on someone so self-centered that my feelings never entered his mind.